She Said What?!

A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.  Luke 6:45blog picture women talking

The Lord intends that we use our mouths to bless others. Our mouths are to be used to edify (build up) others, bless them and honor the Lord. But where do all these wonderful words flowing out of our mouths come from? They come from our hearts. That is where our treasury is.  If we are still angry, bitter or resentful towards others that is part of the “treasure” in our hearts. If we are thankful, appreciative and compassionate towards others that will come out too of our “treasure”.

I have a garage that is full of a collection of things that belonged to my husband’s family.  A few of the things there are mine too. There are some good things there, but there are many things that are useless or broken. If you came over you would tell me to keep the good things and get rid of the useless and broken things. You would be right.

Our hearts can be like my garage. Good ideas, thoughts, love and the Word of the Lord can all be in there. But there can be things in there that are useless to us now like old grudges, hurt feelings, bad ideas etc. We know that when we talk long enough, if there is some junk in there, it starts to come out. Been there. Those things need to be thrown out. We want our treasury to be completely beautiful, not a mixed bag of good and bad, so that when we speak – good things come out.

I’m headed out to the garage.

Jesus is Lord!