“Do what ever He tells you.”

blog picture clay potsI was thinking about the miracle at Cana this week. Imagine being there – all the guests, loud conversations, maybe some music. Mary notices that no more wine is being served and it’s still early in the celebration. She may have had experience of Jesus’ gifts before because she tells Him they have no more wine.

4 “Dear woman, that’s not our problem,” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.” But Mary turned to the servants and said “Do what ever He tells you”. John 2:4-5

Those servants were probably wondering why in the world they had to fill those stone jars with water. It was hard work and probably involved multiple trips to the well. Maybe it was hot outside. Maybe they were tired. But they were the ones that saw that miracle happen.

When the Lord puts something in our hearts to do, it can be puzzling to us too.

One day one of my friends was shopping the local grocery store. She saw a woman looking over some turkey breasts. Finally the woman chose one but put it back in the case. The Lord spoke to my friend’s heart and said “Go and buy that turkey breast and give it to that woman.” Now two weeks before, my friend had been driving down the street. She had noticed a woman walking down the street. The Lord had spoken to her heart and said. “Go and give that woman five dollars”. But my friend hesitated and kept on driving. But then she changed her mind. But when she turned around the woman was gone. She drove around the block but could not find the woman. So now when the Lord said “Go and buy the turkey breast”, she did not hesitate. She took the turkey breast, paid for it, ran back and gave it to the woman who was absolutely floored. The woman cried and so did my friend. My friend never found out what the turkey breast meant to that lady, but the Lord knows.

Sometimes we are like those servants who had to laboriously go get the water to fill the jars. The Lord wants to do something and He wants to use us to do it. When the Lord does ask us to do something let’s not hesitate. Let’s be quick about it. What if those servants had told Jesus they were too busy with other things and would do it later? The timing of the wine was important. Getting it after the wedding was over was not God’s plan. It would have been too late.

One day I was eating dinner with my family and the Lord put it in my heart to call a certain woman from my church immediately. I did call her. The phone rang and rang, finally she picked up the phone The Lord told me to tell her that He loved her. I did . Three weeks later she confided to me that she had been standing on a chair with a noose around her neck ready to commit suicide. While she was standing on that chair she prayed “If You are for real, why don’t You tell me You love me?” Suddenly her phone began to ring. She got down off the chair to answer it. “God wants me to tell you that He loves you!” I said. She is now saved and ministers to troubled youth.
No hesitation. Jesus is Lord!